Alternative LIfestyles

Are you curious about the poly lifestyle or kink?

Are you curious about the poly lifestyle or kink?

But you’ve been afraid to talk about it to anyone because of fear of being judged or called weird or wrong?

Has the fear of being told you’re deviant, or that there is something wrong with you, kept you from talking openly with your therapist about how to move toward the sex life you want?

If this sounds like you, you don’t need to change anything but your therapist.

There is nothing wrong with you or what you want…

… as long as your actions involve two consenting adults.

Maybe you have an open marriage or would like to open it and aren’t sure where to start.

Maybe you would like to have a therapist who understands that just because you are into BDSM or cross-dressing that there is nothing wrong with you.

Coming into my office will be a welcoming experience. Here’s why…

As a sex therapist, I have a great deal more training in dealing with issues of sex and sexuality than the average therapist.

It’s a fact of life that very few therapists receive even one graduate level class on sex. What they do learn is how to make you feel like your perfectly normal sexual desires are somehow wrong or an “illness” or an “addiction.”

No one should make you feel bad about what you want sexually, and that is not what will happen if you work with me.

I have had to look my biases in the face to ensure that I know when they are in the counseling room with us and are possibly interfering in you getting the unconditional positive regard you deserve.

Our time together is about YOU…

Past clients have come to me after other therapists have made them feel deviant for wanting to practice BDSM, or after having been told that their natural desire to masturbate means they are an addict, or that their desire for sex with more than one person means there is something wrong with them.

Imagine how freeing it would be to let go of all those prejudices and misconceptions with a therapist who accepts you totally for who you are.

Therapy with me will be about helping you make space in your life for your sexual needs and desires.

It will focus on accepting who you are sexually and not making that an illness. Therapy with me is about meeting you where you are, no matter where that is on your journey to accepting yourself, and working with you to get to where you want to be.

Experience true freedom from shame…

Accept and embrace who you are while realizing there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you.

You don’t have to live with the shame that other people have tried to impose on you because of what you want.

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