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Never enough time left over for you and your needs?

The World is Moving So Fast...

You put everyone else first: the kids, your spouse… your parents. You’re stretched so thin that you think if someone were to ask you to do one more thing, you would lose your mind.

Tired is your constant companion. Guilt over all the things you should have done – but just didn’t have the time or energy to do – is your other constant friend.

All the things in your life are important and need to be done; but at the end of the day, you feel like a dried-up scarecrow rather than a person.

Everyone keeps talking about self-care, but you probably have no idea how to begin taking care of yourself… and who has time for it, anyway??

There’s a hole in your life…

… and you’re not sure how to fill it or even when it opened up.

There may be things you are holding on to from the past that keep coming up. You know you should let go of them but aren’t sure how to do that, or even if you can.

Past hurts done to you by people who should know better or people who professed to love or care about you – these seem to hurt worse than anything a stranger could do to you.

Maybe you struggle with seeing yourself as you really are. Everyone talks about what a great mother, wife, coach, teacher, fill-in-the-blank-here you are, but you just can’t see it. All you see are the mistakes you make every day, and you wonder if everyone would be better off without you.

You could be dealing with anxiety so crippling that it’s a wonder you can leave the house and interact with people most days. You know that you need people in your life, but you’re not sure how to go about opening yourself up when you have been hurt and disappointed by the people closest to you in the past.

Or, in this day and age of constant social media, maybe you feel more alone than ever despite having hundreds of friends online. It’s so hard to escape the happy images people post every day… to stop comparing our lives to those we see online.

You can take your life back and make the connections you need.

Individual therapy can help you develop the tools you need to take your life back and make the connections you need.

You can heal from your past traumas and pain.

Learning and practicing self-compassion can free you from this emotional pain. Figuring out what you need and how to give it to yourself and, more importantly, understanding you deserve self-compassion is a powerful lesson that can free you from the pain you have been holding onto. It can help you be kinder and gentler to yourself and those around you.

You can accept who you are and live an authentic life.

In therapy, we will uncover your values and discuss how to live a values-driven life. This does not mean striving for perfection; it means committing the best version of yourself to the people and things that matter to you. It can lead you to feeling more vibrant, more accomplished, and more dedicated to your life – and lead you to be the version of yourself you most want to be.

You can learn to cope with your anxiety and not let it stop you from living your best life today.

Imagine being able to attend parties again or go to the grocery without fear. This can happen for you when you learn to lead a values-driven life. You can learn to do the things that kept you anxious and afraid before therapy. Imagine a life where anxiety doesn’t control your every day, your every movement, and most of your thoughts. You can have that life.

You can stop comparing your worst days to everyone else’s best days.

Learn that you are enough…

… and truly believe it with all your heart and soul.

Together, we will do the work to help you identify and cherish your strengths, so no matter what you face in life you know you have the tools to overcome it.

Knowing your strengths, and leading with them, can help you feel more powerful and in control.

Don’t wait anymore to start living the life you dreamed of.

The main reason people wait so long to ask for help is fear. Fear of therapy. Fear of change.

Don’t let fear rule your life.

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