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Tanya Lorenzi LPC, CPCS

Preferred pronouns – she/her

I think every therapist has a story about how they got into therapy.

Mine is a lot like many others. After having my youngest child prematurely, I had my first kidney transplant about 8 months later. I fell into a deep depression that made it difficult for me to do anything.

A therapist helped me find my way back to the light. When it became clear that because of my transplant, my dream of being a medical doctor was not going to happen, I had to find another way to give back – and landed in counseling.

My mission as a therapist is to help couples claw themselves out of their current pit. Nothing makes me happier than when I close services with a couple, because they are back together stronger than ever before.

I have been very fortunate in my life to have a supportive husband and children who stood by me while I earned two Master’s degrees in counseling. I am currently pursuing my certification in sex therapy, which I believe makes me uniquely qualified to help couples

My two children have long since flown the nest and are scattered now. I am originally from New York City but have lived in Augusta since 2012. I consider it my home now. I also share my home and love with three massive dogs. No grandkids yet, but I hold out hope.

Sean Rahner

Pronouns – He/Him/They

For many years I struggled with anxiety, PTSD, and shame. When I was in graduate school, my stress level became so elevated that I began taking medication to help with my symptoms, but I resisted engaging in therapy for a long time, After all, I was studying to become a counselor, so I should be able to figure this out on my own, right?

While medicine helped, it wasn’t enough. After much encouragement from my partner and professors, I finally relented and sought counseling. It was difficult for me to put aside my pride and admit that I needed help. It was also one of the best decisions I ever made.

While my mental health is good now, I still see my own therapist on a regular basis as a way to be proactive in taking care of myself. Of course, not everyone needs therapy, yet everyone can benefit from having an objective, nonjudgemental person to listen, empathize, and help with difficult decisions and during times of trouble.

I completed a master’s degree in clinical psychology and am continually pursuing further education in sex therapy and relationship counseling (as well as other subspecialties). I enjoy working with adults of every background, orientation, and identity in providing individual and relationship counseling.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I take pride in my unique insight and knowledge of local resources. Additionally, the therapeutic modalities that I utilize are evidence based and shown to be helpful in meeting a variety of needs.

Our practice is affirming, welcoming, and comfortable. Find the counselor who is right for you and schedule an appointment as soon as you are able.

Kaylan Hand LMFT

Preferred pronouns – she/her

I have always had a universal calling to help others but never fully realized it until my Senior Year in High school when I took AP Psychology. I have personally dealt with depression, grief, and anxiety throughout my life. As a therapist, I truly attempt to be that support for my clients that so many need.

I went straight into college and received my undergraduate degree in Psychology and my masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. During my time in college and graduate school I was involved with the Women’s and Genders Studies Program assisting in providing knowledge and power to minority groups of women on campus which is where my passion for assisting women buds from especially in therapy.

I practice from a systemic view where I consider all aspects, connections and relationships into the equation of therapy and the challenges you are facing. I work through a multicultural lens, understanding and bringing in your culture into the session to best get the full essence of who you are. As an ally of the LGBTQ community, I strive to create a positive and accepting environment for all my clients.

Through my own difficulties and challenges, I know that I can relate with my clients better from a personal level. I work with my clients by creating a narrative that works better for your challenge and reframe those pieces of your life that may seem a little troubling. I will assist you by not only allowing you to have a safe space to discuss your challenges with no judgment or ulterior motives but to meet you where you are at and begin building the change you want to see. I truly believe that we all have the tools that we need to make change happen but sometimes need some assistance in sharpening those tools. I am here to assist you in your journey and create what you want to happen.

I enjoy hearing everyone’s unique story and continuing to build your story with you. I work with couples, individuals, the LGBTQ Community and am a trauma informed therapist.

We are conveniently located in Evans, GA, close to several major roads. We are currently seeing clients in office. While we believe virtual therapy has its uses, we think the best relationships in therapy are formed when we can be in each others presence.

Of course the Coronavirus makes things difficult, and if you are not comfortable coming into the office, we completely understand that and will meet with you virtually.

In an effort to keep us, and you, safe, we are all required to wear masks during the session. We ask that you bring your own mask that you feel comfortable in, but if you do not have one, we would be happy to provide one for you. 

Come see what a difference meeting in person can make.

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