sex & Relationship Therapy for Individuals

“It’s not you… it’s me.”

“It’s not you… it’s me.”

Maybe you’ve heard that so often from previous lovers that it’s becoming hard to believe.

And so another relationship ends, and you’re left brokenhearted. Again.

You’re not sure what the problem is, but you know there is something wrong.

One of the most common problems women have regarding sex is a low desire level. You may not know why your desire level has drastically reduced and are wondering if it will ever return.

Sex Therapy can help you shift through all the possible reasons…

…and come up with an individualized plan for you to regain your desire.

Perhaps pain during intercourse is a problem for you. We can work together with your OB and other healthcare providers to get to the root of the problem and begin an effective treatment.

Maybe you and your partner have wildly different needs and desires in the bedroom, and you are not sure how to meet in the middle to begin to have a satisfying sex life for the both of you.

Some couples come to see me because they love each other very much and are extremely confused – despite their deep feelings for each other, they don’t make love anymore. Together, we will look at your sexual history, your views about sex, your likes and dislikes, and come up with a workable solution to help the two of you reconnect.

Lack of confidence as a lover is also a common concern. Because of the influence of our culture, we just aren’t taught how to be good lovers. Using homework assignments and other resources, we can get you the knowledge you need to feel much more confident about your abilities as a lover.

Trying to get at what went wrong…

Maybe your libido is not what it once was.

Or you’re terrified of being with someone new and having to explain your erection problems.

Or maybe you are going through a divorce or break-up and your self-image and self-esteem have never been lower.

Whatever the reason, you know in your heart that until you get whatever it is “fixed,” you won’t be able to find the happiness you deserve.

It seems like everyone in your life tells you to “just get over it and move on…”

But you can’t stop wondering what happened to make your lover leave you.

It can take time to come to the realization that your previous partner wasn’t right for you, or you weren’t right for them.

Through therapy, you can identify some of the patterns that broke your last relationships and keep you unhappy. You may think you know what the problem is, or you may have no idea. Either way, we can work together to help you figure out the baggage that you are carrying into your relationships from past hurts and traumas, and how to let go of these.

Relationship therapy for one can help you move past that relationship and come to terms with the loss. We’ll delve into who you were in your past relationship and confirm whether that is the person you want to be in your next relationship.

It can also help you discover what is holding you back from the love you deserve and overcome it, so you can be ready when you get your next shot at love.

If your last relationship was devastated by a sexual issue (loss of libido, inability to orgasm, delayed orgasm, worries about performance) and the worry about the same issue happening in your next relationship is keeping you up at night, these issues can be addressed in therapy.

We can work together with a team of doctors or other specialists to find out if physical therapy or some other intervention is what you need to help you overcome any sexual dysfunction.

We can do the work to help you become the best version of yourself so that when you are ready to start a new relationship, you can feel more confident in your chances of making a real and lasting connection.

The love life you want is waiting for you!

You long for a stable, loving relationship with a partner that understands and accepts you so that you can give them the same.

It can happen for you.

You deserve to feel whole. Let me help you do the work, so that you’re ready to open yourself up to a new relationship without old baggage and concerns.

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