Slamming doors

Raised voices

Angry tears

Ugly words you can’t take back

Sound familiar?

Arguments are occurring almost daily, household frustrations are escalating and you don’t quite understand what is going on or why it is happening.  

All of a sudden, your previously bright, bubbly teen is spending more time locked up in their room than with the family.

Their phone has become their constant companion.

What their friends say seems to be more important to your teen than what you say. Most nights, you are left waiting up for them long past their curfew.

The happy kid that you knew is no where to be found, and in their place is a moody, defensive stranger. They don’t even seem to enjoy spending time with the family anymore.

You want them to be happy, but you’re not sure where to even start. They don’t talk to you anymore, so you’re left in the dark feeling worried and afraid about what’s really going on with them. You know that your child pulling away from you is part of their normal development, but is what’s going on normal? What is “typical teen behavior?”

Growing up today is so much more difficult

It’s incredibly difficult growing up in today’s ultra-connected world. Everyday your teen faces challenges that we know nothing about. Their self-esteem, identity, and body-image are influenced by pop culture and social media in a way parents today have not had to deal with. With the advance of social media, bullies have access to your child 24/7. Their safe spaces are shrinking rapidly.

More teens are diagnosed with anxiety and depression than just 20 years ago. Teens are under a great deal of stress due to the constant juggling act of trying to stay connected to friends, perform well in school, and become the person they were meant to be.

We can help

Counseling can help your teen in their growth and identity by giving them the tool to process the unique challenges they face.

Whether your teen struggles with

Working with a therapist can help your teen to rebuild their strained relationships with you and the other important people in their life.

Teen Therapy can help your child with discovering their identity and nurturing who they are now and build towards who they want to be.

They can begin to reconnect with the important things in life.

In an ideal world, you would be your teen’s main confidant, and they would come to you with their challenges, frustrations and emotions, but we live in a less than ideal world. We know that teens need guidance to navigate the challenges they face. We can work together to decide what that guidance, assistance, and understanding should look like.

By meeting your teen where they are in therapy, we offer a safe space for them to process these challenges. We will explore your teens choices, help them decide what they want and are searching and move forward with decisions that will make them happy.

Call today to help your teen on the road back to happiness and the good life you want for them.