Therapy for Military families

Your life is not like anybody else's

Your life is not like anybody else’s

You know it is coming, or its already here. Your partner, your other half is across the world, and they will be for months at a time.

On top of the everyday struggles of kids, work and all your other responsibilities, there’s an underlying feeling of loneliness that is your constant companion.

You’re so proud of your spouse and your family for the sacrifices you make for our country, but the stress over being the sole caretaker of your family while your partner is gone and the constant worry about your loved ones safety feels like a thousand pound stone on your chest, making it hard to breath some days.

And its not just them being gone that is a major adjustment for your family. The stress and change doesn’t get any easier when your soldier is home. Sometimes it feels like you just got use to them being gone and the process starts all over again.

Maybe your family is struggling with the idea of picking up starting all over again at a new duty station. The idea of creating all new friendships and support systems makes you feel like getting in bed and staying there.

Achieving stability and relieving anxiety around deployment in your life may sound like a dream, but it is possible.

You can learn the tools to build stronger, longer lasting relationship with your partner and the people in your life.

Find more happiness in your friends, life, marriage, work, and all of the other parts of your life that fulfill you.

Therapy can help get you there.

Maybe you’ve tried to talk through these things with your family back home, or non- military friends, and they give you advice, but things just don’t seem to be changing.

You’ve tried waiting for it to get better. But things are not changing,

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