Embrace What Can Be.

Fill the gap in your life.

It’s the same thing that happens every Friday night.

The weight of anticipation sits on your chest like an elephant.


Your stomach feels tight while you wait for the inevitable fight about sex to start.


It all starts innocently enough.

A hopeful look on your partner’s face. Some whispered words, or a few tentative touches…

… but it ends with a hurt look on your partner’s face, a huge sigh, and your backs to each other in your cold bed.

Once upon a time, sex with your partner was at the forefront of your mind.

But now it just seems like one more thing on your never-ending to-do list

This isn’t how you thought your life would be.

Every day your anxiety makes everything a struggle. You just want to feel normal again. Things that should be so normal and easy for everyone else leave you feeling drained and on edge.

Social distancing makes you feel awkward when you have to talk to someone now. The thought of talking to a stranger leaves you feeling shaky and wanting to withdraw from everything.

You dread asking your partner or boss for what you want, and the constant “what if” questions in your life make you feel so overwhelmed and paralyzed to make the wrong move.

Too many times, you open your mouth to speak up, and the words won’t come. You want to meet your friends at the park, or take a walk, but your mind tells you that you’re better off on the couch. You can’t leave the house without your constant companion of anxiety.

All you want is to feel okay again.


We can help with that.

Counseling psychology. Psychotherapist comforting sad female patient during therapy session in office, empty space


  And marriage, no one said it would be easy…

 But shouldn’t it be more than what you have now? It seems like it used to be. This was before the constant fighting. Most days, you’re not even sure what you are fighting about anymore. All you know is that you didn’t think marriage would be like this.   You love your partner, but you’re not willing to spend the rest of your life feeling like this. Marriage counseling can help.

There has to be more to life than this.

And you are ready for more. You’re ready to fill the gap in your life.
 Rediscovering your desire and reigniting the spark in your relationship sounds like a dream that can’t possibly be real for you, but it can happen. 

Being able to feel joy when you think of being with your partner, instead of feeling regret or disappointment, is a change you can make.

Being able to find happiness in friends, life, work, and all of the other parts of your life that used to fulfill you. 

Mental Health therapy can help you get there.

You’ve tried talking to friends, family members, your spouse, and while they listen, they don’t seem to understand exactly what you are feeling, or they don’t know how to help you. That’s why people come to me. In my office, you can expect non-judgmental help and support no matter what you have fought your way through or are still fighting your way through.

You deserve to feel better. You deserve a happy, joyous union with your spouse, you deserve good friends and the ability to spend time with them and be open and connected with the people who matter to you on a deeper level. Let me help you make that happen.

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Combined, our therapists have 18+ years of experience helping people get their lives back on track.

Individual Therapy

In therapy, get help with a variety of problems and concerns.

Couples Therapy

Don’t spend another day with the unanswered question of should you stay together.

Sex Therapy for Individuals

You long for a stable, loving relationship with a partner that understands and accepts you so that you can give them the same.

Sex Therapy for Couples

Each session and intervention is tailored specifically to deal with the problem that brings you in to see me.

Therapy for Teenagers

Teenagers deal with their own issues and need a therapist that has experience.

Therapy for Military Families

We know life is different for a military family. We are here to help navigate the challenges that may come up.

No matter what you are going through, we can help you find a way out of the confusion and immobility you are experiencing, and start your life moving forward again.

Just the thought of opening up to someone in counseling can seem like a scary prospect. You may worry that you will be judged.

That will never happen with us.

In our office, you can expect non-judgmental help and support no matter what you have fought your way through or are still fighting your way through.

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Tanya Lorenzi

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Learn where your relationship is at, and what can be done to improve your sex, romance, and passion.

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